No, don’t worry – we’ve not gotten into painting and decorating, this was a specially commissioned theatre set for the amazing Starmaker Theatre Company for their production of Be More Chill. If you have children in the Berkshire area, this Reading based multi award-winning youth theatre company produces two fabulous professionally directed musical theatre shows every year and you can apply here to be in their next production (Fame in October 2024!).

This set was constructed of four bolt together panels – floor, door, and two back walls, that are all conveniently the same size so when flat packed it’s just 90cm, by 180cm, by about 15cm wide… plus of course the toilet and basin units. With the addition of wall paper and lino it looked simply amazing on stage, and yes it is a full size bathroom door with working handle and lock – essential for the plot allowing characters to ‘lock’ themselves in the bathroom.

Finally the entire set was completed with a set of swivel wheels, enabling it to be rolled on and off stage with ease. Switch out the accessories and this could be used as any ‘Room with a Door’ for future productions, especially with a change of wall paper and carpet/floor tiles instead of lino!

Of course if my neighbours saw me applying wallpaper to the set in my garden, they may have thought I’d gone slightly bonkers, but if they see this they’ll finally know what it was all about!

And for the person that said this looks better than my actual bathroom… well yes, you have a point!

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