This was a job for a client who found a dilapidated bench in his garden when he moved in and had tried to renovate it himself (and incidentally painted silver with purple slats!). The back was missing but a hunt of the garden turned up the two cast iron backrest parts hidden buried in the scrub under a bush.

A little guidance on colours meant that a new bronze colour scheme was chosen, with the suggestion of green and red to pick out the back rest gratefully accepted.

New oak slats, fresh bolts (my favourite stainless steaal dome head M8 carriage bolts and nuts) and a somewhat painstaking paint job turned this restoration into a stunning bench.

To mark the date this job was finished, the client requested the date be carved in the rear of the top rail.

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  1. I wanted to thank you so much Chris for saving my beloved bench. I love sitting in it most mornings and just relaxing. The job you did was truly superb. The attention to detail, the finish was way beyond my expectations. I would not hesitate to use your services again. I greatly appreciated your vision for the colour scheme too!!

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