“Can you make me a flamingo shaped clock for a Christmas Present?” was the question. The answer was yes, but I had to add in a little bit of metal work as there was no way this could be made entirely out of wood!

The body, neck and head were easy enough to cut from oak, with a hollow at the rear to accept the clock mechanism. Then it was simple matter to laser on the clock hands before giving it all a french polish to really bring out the beauty in the grain of the wood.

Turning to the legs, these were bent and welded from 3mm stainless steel rod, before being given a coat of black paint. The feet were doubled up to give the impression they’re wider and an extra dab of weld on the legs give the vague impression of knees.

Weirdly, when a flamingo lifts it’s leg, it’s foot bends down and it’s knee bends backwards compared to a human, but the result is a nice balance giving the impression it’s in the middle of raising one leg just like they do in the wild!

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