This is the ultimate example of what we love to build. “Can you build me an oak swing bench without a massive A-Frame” as the question and the answer was “We’d love to have a go!”

There’s nothing better than an unusual project to get us excited and oak is perfect as an enduring hardwood that will live up to the outside world for decades.

What really attracted us to this build is that it’s not something you can just go out and buy. It’s a unique one-off built for a customer who was willing to wait as long as it took to construct and had a sensible budget – oak is a quality material and unfortunately that means expensive, but they didn’t want a cheaper pine alternative – they wanted a piece for the garden that would last decades, not years.

Finished in teak oil, this is a piece that will age gracefully and in a couple of years will turn a beautiful silvered grey. If you’ve ever seen an older oak bench, you’ll not only know the colour this will turn as the sun bleaches the wood, but you’ll also know that oak slats will often be good even after 50 years and the rest of this bench is of considerably chunkier timber so with an annual coat of oil should easily outlast me!

Built with a heavy oak frame and robust stainless chains and eye bolts, this is essentially a standard garden bench with overlong bearers from which the eye bolts are attached for the supporting chains.

Exquisitely finished with every screw hole plugged with oak dowel, this was an amazing project to build and the results speak for themselves.

Swing Bench

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