Having received a request to make a square garden planter I chose my normal favourites of Oak with Sapele trim and set about making the posts first. Machined to square stock, the first job was to cut the finials to a point with a 30 degree angle and the addition of a 30 degree cut decorative cuts just below.

Then the bottom rails were morticed and tenoned into the posts for added strength, set half inch off the ground, with 3/4″ oak sides and base. Finished with the addition of sapele top rails and lined with heavy duty poly, there’s a drainage hole in the bottom and this is ready for the customer’s garden. They’ll be supplying the compost, some spring bulbs for some early colour and potentially (they tell me) a few summer flowers such as nasturtiums and petunias!

Final measurements are 16 inches sides and height, with the inner dimensions being 12″ square and 10″ deep – plenty of room for sufficient compost to give plants a chance to thrive.

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