Restoration work is not something I normally take on – it’s a specialised job and one that takes time and expertise. However, when begged by a local client to take a look at a family heirloom which had seen better days I relented and agreed to undertake a mammoth polishing job.

The oak chest of drawers turned out to be pine with oak veneer, but fortunately the veneer was quality and almost 2mm thick. That’s what saved this peice as it arrived with years of abuse and deep scratches to the top.

I have to say it’s pretty impressive to so comprehensively ruin a furniture item, but it had been stored in a garage and used as a shelf for the recycling garbage boxes. Even in it’s unrestored state however, the beautiful swirl grain pattern was evident so it was time to get to work.

After many hours, the mirror finish from the french polish made the efforts to restore this piece worthwhile.

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  1. Thanks Chris for taking on this project. This piece was owned by my Grandma, and I used to watch her polish it with great pride when I was a teenager. After she passed away, it came into my possession, and it slowly was used, as you say for storing recycling boxes! By the time I found out my wife was using it in this way, it was too late. I felt guilty for many years seeing it in this state. You did an amazing job, and your skills are exceptional. The piece is very much cherished…and this year, I am going to paint (upcycle) the front and sides to make it a more contemporary piece, but of course keep the top, and polish it like my gran did. One thing is for sure, it will last longer than me!! They don’t make furniture like this any more!!

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