Designed in an art deco style, the Love Clock is made from oak with an inset sapele heart at the centre.

This was a special commission as a wedding gift.

Radiating out to the edges of the unusal square clock, cuts replace traditional numbers and the mechanism is embedded into the rear so the clock hangs flush on the wall.

The heart is a close cut insert 5mm deep so more robust than a veneer providing a seamless joint.


When working with oak, the traditional finish would be to oil the wood, however the medullary rays on this timber are so spectacular that an oil finish would never suffice. To finish, a high quality french polish was applied to bring out the beauty of the timber and make this a stunning piece of wall art.

See below for the unfinished raw wood and the final french polish applied. It’s always a joy to see how a quality finish brings the final piece to life and in this case suddenly the heart pops from the final piece.

Love Clock

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