Perfect for nestling amongst the Christmas cards, these cheeky bucks and does are sure to make your Christmas just that little bit more special and will become treasured decorations brought out year after year for the lucky recipient!

Best purchased as a pair, these are fantastic to have one facing left and one facing right for each end of the mantlepiece.

Cut from a single hunk of wood, depending on wood species they come in a range of colours from light to dark brown oak, black walnut, light tulip wood.

If you want something even more special, we can source exotic hard woods such as padauk, which is dark red in colour and makes for a fantastic Rudolph.

Perhaps our proudest moment of Christmas 2023 was when the amazing SugarCoatedSisters featured a pair of our reindeer in one of their advent calendar videos! If you missed the series, you can still watch on TikTok , but here is Day 19 featuring reindeer!

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