Spring is coming so it’s time to focus on garden furniture, so this week we built a folding Adirondack style chair out of redwood.

Redwood as a material was chosen because it’s at least a third the price of oak or similar hardwoods, and it seemed like a good idea to economise a little on an experimentation project. Now the decision has to be made if I should stick with a redwood chair which will suffice for a good few years, or whether to splash out on oak for a version that will last decades.

The problem with this chair, is that it used close to sixty feet of 5″ by 3/4″ redwood board, and sixty feet of oak is a massive amount. The resultant chair would also be substantially heavier, although that’s not really a concern if you’re only going to move it occasionally.

Folding and unfolding the chair is relatively simple and takes it down to about 12″ deep for storage, easily small enough to fit into most sheds for the winter months!

Six weeks after making this chair, we eventually caught a break in the weather on a weekend and gave it a lick of paint. Now it pops and really is ready for the sun in the summer…. a proper party chair!

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