If you are like me you’ve never heard of a yarn bowl before, but that didn’t stop me agreeing to make one… oh plus a request to customise it with a name!

Most of the examples I’ve seen are made of two pieces of wood stuck together giving a contrasting top and bottom to the bowl… mainly because a single lump large enough is hard to come by…. but I wanted a more interesting design.

I settled on a curving band that dips to the front and rises at the back, giving a natural block at the top to cut the wool scroll and three holes to feed yarn through.

The requested name was then positioned at the front of the band almost name plate like, only the band flows up and around the entire bowl…. oh and of course the band is repeated internally.

The main bowl is oak and the band iroko, mainly because I had both in stock and they compliment each other for an amazing finish.

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