This was a joint project with my favourite professional woodturner, Liz of Love Heartwood. Liz was making a set of wooden bouys, used for shipping navigation training, and my part of the project was to make a briefcase that the bouys, various top marks, magnetic marks, and a magnetic board would all fit in.

It’s basically an oak briefcase with 24 holes of varying depths and diameters for the bouys, a couple of slots for the top marks, and clips on the top for the magnetic board. However it was slightly more challenging as everything had to fit perfectly so none of the intricate parts could fall out or slide out when the briefcase was carried vertically.

Finished with a leather handle and matching black clasps and hinges, if the interior was left empty this would make for a really stylish normal briefcase, but as a “box with a handle” for the navigation training aids it’s superb!

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