When you buy a robot lawnmower you are going to want a home to store it in, so what better than a robot lawnmower garage?

But why stop at a garage? How about having the roof as a planter to fill with flowers? That was the idea this customer had.

First job was to build the garage/planter and some iroko I had in stack was ideal material… highly resistant to both rot and bugs, it’s about the best hardwood you can select for outdoor use

Naturally, as this is going to be a planter it was also lined with thick plastic sheeting for added protection, with the base of the planter sloped to the back and the addition of a drainage pipe so it can never become waterlogged.

Next job was installation including running the guide wire for the robot lawnmower around the garden and into the garage so that it can always find its way back home.

Once installed and tested, actually a couple of months ago, so all that remained was to add compost and plants and judging by the photo above it is now looking fantastic!

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